PetBots – DIY Drawing Robots for Art!

At Maker Faire this year, there was a TON of stuff see, perhaps too much for my naked eye.  Anyways, one of the gadgets that caught my eye were these DIY drawing robots.   When you need to draw a lot of circles, these will surely help.

PetBots is a workshop for kids that allow them to build a working ArtBot. Using a simple collection of surplus/recycled motors and switches along with laser cut parts kids can build a working spinBot, jumpBot or even a combination of both or their own creation. A simple Zip-tie/double sided tape construction method allows for easy building and encourages creativity by allowing changes in the build design process.

They are called “PetBots” from IsoBots.

[Also see their Maker Faire project page]

See video of it in action:


Project photo.

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