NBA Finals, What I think…

Okay, I know this is a tech blog but let me just add some of my input into NBA Finals.

First, I was hugely disappointed at LeBron James for losing against Celtics, just the way him and his team lost, no “heart” in the way he lost.

On the positive side, I was really wowed by Steve Nash and Pheonix Sun’s effort over winning the L.A. Lakers yesterday.   It was rather surprising to hear Kobe Bryant stutter in the after-game interviews, it must feel like he had a hammer hit through his head.

I’ve always been a rather crazy NBA fan, but one thing I do, I always root for the underdogs.   I want to see a miracle happen, not the really good guys win the game just for the sakes of them being so good.

Winning sports game because you are good is easy, winning them because you are bad but you got “heart” is hard but very honorable.

My life is like that, I’ve always been the underdog who make miracles happen out of nowhere.  Even right now, I am trying so hard to make it to my next level in life and no one thinks I can do it except me.

Anyways, I am rooting for the Pheonix Sun’s and Orlando Magic for the next couple weeks.  I know they have very little chance at winning (statistically) but I believe at least one of them can win because their heart is so strong.

Who do you root for?  Leave your thoughts at!

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  1. Unxpekted says:

    Celtics vs. Lakers is inevitable.

    I kind of want Suns or Celtics just because Rondo and Suns bench’s inspired play.

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