DIY Copper Pipe Coffee Table and Furniture!

Here’s some creative DIY furniture that caught my eye at the Maker Faire this year. ¬†These are DIY copper pipe coffee table and other furniture.

You know they use a copper bracelet in golf to relieve arthritis pains?  Well, having copper furniture so you get some copper on you everyday might not be such a bad idea.

My friend is a plumber who specializes in copper-repiping over at Daly City, perhaps I might go ask him for some free copper pipes so I can make one too.

Copper pipe makes interesting & beautiful furniture, especially if you throw in some math! This year I started making Fractal Furniture using copper pipes. My first project was a Hilbert Curve coffee table. A Hilbert Curve is one of a class of space-filling curves, essentially a line folded in on itself at multiple levels in a way that fills the entire plane if you go an infinite number of levels down. Of course, you can’t buy infinitesimally-sized copper pipes for a finite amount of money, so the table only goes to level 4.

See their Maker page and website.

See more pics:

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