iPad Hack – How to Use your iPad Micro Sim card for your iPhone!

For those of you who want to use your iPad’s cheap $29.99 a month data plan on your iPhone or any other device (that supports AT&T), you can use this simple hack of cutting out an old credit card then making the micro SIM card fit a regular-sized SIM card.  And yes, insert it into the phone.  Your voice won’t work but this is a great way to get a cheap broadband data if you don’t need to use iPhone as a phone.  (AT&T drops calls like crazy so why bother?)

My advice is to really though stay away from AT&T if you can, their data network is one of the slowest, I prefer Sprint or Verizon.

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  1. Bradley says:

    Guys, there is a way to use microSIM card in every mobile phone, and not only in the
    Iphone 4 or Ipad! I heard there is a thing called micro sim adapter. Basically, you put
    your microSIM card inside it and use it in any phone. I googlesearched it and found it
    here: www.gomicrosim.com They say it costs 4.5 EUR. They also seem to offer the sticker
    guide to cut the regular simcard into the microsim. IMHO their price and quality is the
    best so far.

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