Shure E2C Earbuds Review!

I also ordered these Shure E2C earbuds, which feature high-energy drives.   At $69, I don’t see the value in these earbuds and there’s like zero bass out of these.  Even if you are not a bass-head, you can’t expect to get great sound out of these with zero bass.   I listened on these for an hour and it felt like listening to a cat screeching the windows, my ears hurt after that.

Not only that, these earbuds are very hard to wear, not comfortable on your ears, you can’t wear them for a long time.

I’ve seen a bunch of great reviews on these earbuds on Amazon but I believe those people have never tried the earbuds I have tried such as the Jbuds J2 or the Sony MDR-EX75.    Or that, these “were” great earbuds until other companies started making better ones at much lower price (which is true, earbuds probably took “noise-cancelling” headphones out of the market because you don’t need noise-cancelling with earbuds period.)

Believe me, even if they slashed the prices to $10, I wouldn’t buy these earbuds.  Shure E2C earbuds are over-priced, over-marketed earbuds that simply don’t provide a “balance” of sounds, especially for the hard-earned money.

See full video hands-on review of Shure E2C earbuds:


You can read the full review of these Shure E2C earbuds on my earbud reviews blog.

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