Jbuds J3 Earbud Reviews!

Remember I reviewed the Jbuds J2 earbuds and turned out to be the earbud of the year?

Well, I ordered the slightly higher version, Jbuds J3M (which is same as Jbuds J3 with mic) but the sound quality didn’t actually come out better than J2.

The main reason why the sound wasn’t as good as the Jbuds J2 was because the J3M has a smaller flange, thus the earbuds actually kept “moving” around quite a bit.

Also, the gold-plated end doesn’t work well on my desktop computer for some reason and I think these ends weren’t designed correctly to work across all devices.

See my full video hands-on review of the Jbuds J3 earbuds:


What a huge disappointment as I want to write a great review on the Jbuds J3M.

You can read the full review of the Jbuds J3 earbuds over on my new earbud reviews blog.

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