Acer Chrome OS powered Device Coming at Computex 2010!

Computex 2010 is one of the biggest consumer electronics show held in Taipei, Taiwan.  (You can register here is you want to go.)  I want to go and the airfare is pretty cheap at about $1000 round-trip, non-stop from SFO to Taipei but I don’t know if it’s really worth it.

Anyways, at Computex this year, starting June 1st, Acer, the company that makes a bunch of great laptops and desktops (I am actually writing this blog post on a cheap Acer desktop.), is launching the world’s first Chrome OS device.

This will bring up a lot of questions such as, “will this device compete against the iPad?” or “will this device be a netbook?”

My prediction is that this new Chrome OS might be a multi-touch device as I believe Google might be launching both Android-powered and Chrome-powered multi-touch tablet devices to the market.  Chrome OS could be geared for business-oriented users while Android OS is for the general public and hackers.

Anyways, we will keep you updated as I am sure some blogger will be taking some great hands-on video reviews of the new Chrome device.

via chromehacks

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