Droid Hack – How to Run/Install Windows 3.1 On Android!

Here’s a fun hack you can try if you have a Droid or an Android phone with a keyboard, run DosBox and install Windows 3.1 or maybe run Quake off DOS.

What’s the point?  It’s a great way to re-live your past misadventures like I erased command.com the first day I bought my computer 386DX back in 1989.

Yesterday, I stumbled onto a cool hack where this guy has supposedly found a way to run Windows 3.1 on his Droid smartphone.  Upon closer investigation, I found out that you can indeed install Windows 3.1 running on top of an Android app called DosBox.

Of course, this isn’t the “true” way of running an operating system (over an app) but still, you can run your favorite Dos programs by installing Android DosBox onto your Android phone.

One more note, I did install Android DosBox on my Nexus One last night, only to find out there’s no support for virtual keyboard meaning you will have to have a smartphone like the Droid that has a physical keyboard.

via nexusonehacks

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