Adobe Fires Back At Apple with Hearts and the Truth!

Adobe takes case against Apple to 'Net with ad, open letter

Oh boy, here’s we go again, Adobe has just launched a new ad campaign aimed at Apple.

In response to Stevie Job’s letter on “openness” (or is it closed?), Adobe says that users should have the freedom to choose their own 3rd party app.  Which is true, I don’t need Apple to be my father, censoring technology that I should have a choice on.

In this case, clearly Apple is interfering with users rights to use what they want.  Users then would have a “choice” to turn flash on or off, still be able to use HTML5 to save battery, if that was really the case.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t make sense that (nor is it fair) to shut out your competitors as we live in a democratic country.  There’s other ways to do it, by being better or coming up with your own flash technology.

via artstechnica

Here’s what Tiger’s dad has to say to Stevie Jobs:


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