HTML5 DIY – How to Incorporate HTML5 and Flash Seamlessly into Your Website!

You know HTML5 has been making some breakthroughs including causing iPads to be vulnerable to disabling sites like Disney’s Pixar.  Hey, but there’s a solution (sorry, not an app) for that.

You will first have to learn a bit more about HTML5 and how it works.  Basically, you can use the new <video> tag which allows you to embed videos.  Read more about basics of HTML5 at WebMonkey, they have a great short guide on it.

After criticizing Stevie Jobs for his unfairness to rule the world (That’s what I call Steve for being baaad), I do think HTML5 is still a great idea but it simply doesn’t make sense to ban flash (at this point) altogether.

One of the minuses of HTML5 right now is that it’s also not supported on all browsers including IE6, IE7, IE8, and many of the older browser.  I know that many public libraries still use IE6 and having only support for HTML5 could mean you are shutting down that general public.

Anyways, there’s a way around all this for those of you webmasters who’s site depends on flash content.  You just need to use HTML5 to show flash when HTML5 is not supported.  You can use the <video> tags and insert your flash embed code in your tags for the browsers that cannot understand HTML5.

No matter what, it seems that HTML5 is indeed a great idea but will only benefit your website if you can implement both not to shut out people using outdated computers.

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