HP Hurricane Tablet Coming with WebOS, I think it will Be Successful!

Over at my Palm Pre Hacks blog, I outlined some of the highlights of WebOS, which is the OS that powers the Palm Pre and why I think HP has actually made a smart move of killing their HP Slate tablet product, replacing it with WebOS.

I have to say as a user of both Palm Pre and Nexus One, the Pre does some things better than any other smartphone, its graphical interface and card-system is utmost flawless in its ability to close applications immediately at the control of a swipe, something Android still needs to improve upon.

First of all, after using Palm Pre and the Nexus One together for couple months, I’ve realized one thing about the Palm Pre.  It’s multi-tasking is flawless in comparison to Android, especially when it comes to managing your apps using the card interface.

Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE my Nexus One and use it more often than Palm Pre but one thing I wish Android has was better task manager, rather than having to redundantly close apps manually.

Where did Palm go wrong?  I think Palm never picked up popularity because of their hardware match-up, small LCD simply doesn’t cut it in this throat-cutting, bleeding edge of mobile phone tech.  Plus, Palm decided to launch basically the same phone in its same shape for the Palm Pre Plus, a huge mistake there.

First, Palm didn’t put the WebOS on the right hardware.  With a small screen (than like iPhone/Nexus One) and a physical keyboard that was all too-cramped, it drove a lot of people away.

I know, I am one of the people who bought the Palm Pre because it had a physical keyboard but that’s the killing point.  With a multi-touch screen, you don’t need a physical keyboard, especially at the sacrifice of a larger LCD screen.

Had Palm Pre been loaded onto a larger LCD with slimmer profile and no physical keyboard, it might have even proved to be more popular, perhaps not having to resort to selling their company to HP

Overall, I think WebOS will be hugely successful on a larger platform like the HP Hurricane tablet, simply because WebOS can take advantage of full linux software such as X-window and OpenOffice.   Which simply means WebOS will have a slew of existing linux applications that users can use instead of having to resort to a separate mobile app store.

I even installed a “live” wordpress blog on my Palm Pre couple months back, think what else you can install on WebOS with a bit better hardware.  You guessed it, it’s basically a perfect multi-touch linux operating system waiting to be run on HP Hurricane.

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