Android Takes Down iPhone for 2nd Most Popular Smartphone in the U.S.!

(Frustrated Jobs, wondering what went wrong, why did suddenly Android phones become more popular in the U.S.)

Just in, according to first quarter results for U.S. mobile market, Android takes down iPhone for the second most popular smartphone OS in the U.S.   While this is no big news with popularity of Droid, Nexus One, and other HTC branded Android phones that have flooded the market, it’s certainly going to mean more Android apps and growth for the Android, good news for all of you who have been using Android phones.

Just reported, it looks like Android smartphones now have a larger market share at 28% of the U.S. mobile market while iPhones make up (now) 21%.   RIM still leads at 36% but the good news is that Android OS is really starting to take on the popularity over iPhones.

via nexusonehacks

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