Jbuds J2 Earbud Review! [Best Earbud of the Year]

For those of you who have been following me for awhile, you know how many different earbuds I have gone through and even broke one of them while snowboarding and whatnot.

Well, because I am such an earbud addict, I have been watching the earbud market like no one else.   And just 2 weeks ago I noticed that Jbuds earbuds on Amazon have dropped in price dramatically, with their lower end Jbuds J2 earbuds priced at just $18.32 (the white/gray), slashed from the regular price of $79.95.

See all Jbuds J2 earbuds here in different colors on Amazon.

You know I have the Best Earbuds Reviews page, well, I am gonna have to tell you there’s a “new” best earbud out there, simply because the prices on these have dropped significantly while their performance (especially bass) is outstanding, the best I have tried so far.

Sony’s MDR EX75 earbuds used to be my favorite earbuds (for value and price) but I think we have a new king of earbuds, the Jbuds J2 earbuds.  (and maybe J3 or J3M too, I have ordered them so I will have a review on those also soon)

See video review of the Jbuds Earbuds:


One big noticeable performance difference between the Jbuds J2 earbuds and the Sony MDR-EX75 is the amount of bass the J2 earbuds can handle, it almost feels as if you had a 12-inch subwoofer in the back of your car.  Plus, there’s almost no distortion when you crank up the volume all the day (for bass).

As one more bonus, Jbuds J2 earbuds come with re-enforced lining where the left and right earbud separates.  This is probably the “weakest link” in any earbud because people tend to pull on their earbuds too hard.  (Btw, Sony MDR-EX75 does solve this problem too by having “separate” extension line.)  Trust me, I’ve broken enough earbuds by yanking them hard by accident and you don’t want to lose your valuable investment that way.

If you like cranking up your audio/MP3/iPod device all the way up like me, then this is probably the best earbud you can buy right now for the money.  At $18.32 for the white/gray, this is a killer deal.  (Other colors are also at about $20 at most, still great deals.)

On the other hand, I think the Sony MDR EX75 still has much better treble.   If you enjoy classical music, I’d get the Sony MDR-EX75.

Of course, for the money spent (just $18.32), I’d say the Jbuds J2 earbuds have a winner, I give it Zedomax.com’s “Best Earbud of the Year 2010” award.  (yes, it’s that good)

For those of you who want a bit more performance try the Jbuds J3 earbuds and also Jbuds J3M earbuds if you want an extra microphone and iPhone/iPod/Blackberry controls.  (I will have a review on the J3M as well next week so keep checkin’!)

*Disclosure – My earbud reviews aren’t based on how much you can spend to get the best earbuds but based on performance and value, with performance proportionally calculated with value.

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4 Responses to Jbuds J2 Earbud Review! [Best Earbud of the Year]

  1. markee says:

    Good review!!!! Ordering my pair now. Thanks!!!

  2. max says:

    Greate Markee, u wont regret it, i PROMISE if u dont like it, I will pay for ur earbuds, it’s THAT GOOD!

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