Adobe Air on Android (Nexus One) Hands-on Review!

Well, it’s been exciting to see the very first Android Tablet (larger than 7-inches) hands-on but I did also see Adobe’s Air working on the Android smartphones (Nexus One).

See the hands-on video of Adobe Air games running on Android (Nexus One):


Adobe Air brings a lot of possibilities for developers to bring mobile applications to different platforms including Android phones, Palm Pre, and more.  Of course, Apple has recently denied/banned Adobe’s Flash products from their app store (don’t know about Air but I believe it’s also banned as well), which is hugely disappointing for anyone who already threw money down that path.

For a mobile app developer/company, this just makes things a bit harder, perhaps costing them double the money to develop for both Android smartphones and iPhones (given that they were going to use Adobe Air/Flash).

Another point is that Adobe Air desktop apps could be more easily ported to Adobe Air on mobile phones.  This is huge for companies who want to create mobile versions of their existing Adobe Air desktop app.

Anyways, in my hands-on review, I was rather flattered by how well Adobe Air “prototype” on the Nexus One, ran pretty flawlessly as you can see in the video.  And no, didn’t crash although I have to admit the touch input needed a bit more improvement.  But for a prototype, I am hugely impressed because even myself, don’t like using Adobe Air on my desktop because I like to run my Windows on bare minimal.  (Haven’t tried on my Ubuntu though, performance might be better.)

In my short 2 days of experience with Adobe’s Air and Flash, I learned how much better Adobe’s products run on Google’s Android.  I believe that reasons why Flash or Air doesn’t run well on Windows or Mac is because of the underlying operating system, it’s Windows or Mac OSX that’s crashing.  Whatever the case, Adobe Air on Android seems like a really good idea that Steve Jobs doesn’t want you to find out about.

3 Responses to Adobe Air on Android (Nexus One) Hands-on Review!

  1. logan says:

    great review. the htc nexus one is my favorite unlocked cell phone right now. easy to use, practical, screen is great. my kids love them because the facebook and games keep them busy when we travel. it’s a lot better than my old unlocked phone and this screen is a lot more responsive. the stocks and email are great for my business and my wife loves hers as well. htc has really come big and are releasing a lot of nice phones, kinda bummed i missed out on the evo. got our last 2 at 2 thumbs up

  2. madbohem says:

    AIR on Android is really going to open up the marketplace and how many apps are there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Too bad the developer tools are either bare or terribly expensive…

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