Android Multi-Touch Tablet Prototype Hands-on Review! [Web 2.0 Expo]

Today, I was at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco as soon as it was open (as I blogged about it several hours before).  Upon walking around the exhibit floor, I quickly found Adobe.

Oddly, they were displaying all smartphones such as Google’s Android phone like Nexus One, Droid and the Palm Pre but nowhere was an iPhone nor iPad to be found.

(Sorry, Apple, no free lunch for you at Adobe’s booth this time!)

Upon closer look, I found Adobe had one of the Google Android Tablet prototype running Android OS 2.1 (I believe).

The Google Android Tablet was in its real “prototype” shape with acrylic used as its enclosure.

The best part about the Google Android Tablet?

It runs Adobe’s Flash and Air apps flawlessly.  That was the first time I saw Adobe’s Air apps running on a tablet and totally impressed by how it ran.  And now I can understand why Apple wants to ban Flash and other Adobe products completely from their iPhones and iPads, because it’s rather incredible technology.

The prototype that was demo-ed at the Web 2.0 Expo show was showing the current workings of the Wired magazine’s Google Tablet app.   Certainly, it looks like Google Android tablet will make a big impact on worldwide tablet sales.

I, for one, want to get one of these over an iPad, simply because I need the choice of having “flash” on my tablet computer.   What’s the point of carry a 10-inch slab of technology if it doesn’t give you the best of both worlds?

According to Mike at Adobe, there will be a slew of Android Tablets at the end of this year (maybe November/December) that will flood the iPad market.   Although Mike couldn’t tell me which companies were working on this (other than NVidia), it seemed to me that like a LOT of companies will be launching various different versions of the Android Multi-touch tablets at the end of this year.

For those of you who have successfully held out on buying an iPad, it might be a smart idea to wait until the Android multi-touch tablets come out to the market as they will probably be cheaper plus you will be able to use Adobe’s flash and air applications.  This certainly means that you could possibly use all your regular desktop Adobe air applications (such as Twitter clients) right on the new Android Tablet device.

Video of Android Multi-Touch Tablet running beta of Wired magazine’s app:


Video of Android Multi-Touch Tablet running Adobe Flash on YouTube:


Hands-on Review Video of Android Multi-Touch Tablet Prototype Part 1:


Hands-on Review Video of Android Multi-Touch Tablet Prototype Part 2:


*Update: Just wanted to clarify, flash didn’t crash here, I just accidentally hit the “home” button while I was really trying to hit the “back” button. Android users know that you get an error message if an app crashes, I know because I have a Nexus One. There’s hidden home,back, and power buttons (on the side of the prototype) u do not see in the videos/photos, sorry if that confused any readers.

Also see my latest review of the Archos 7-inch Android Tablet!

For more pictures, check out the gallery below!

(Flash on Android Tablet prototype)

(Thanks to Mike at Adobe for letting me take pictures and videos, you (and Adobe) ROCK!)

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  3. I’m very much looking forward to an Android tablet … if not for myself, then for my children. But I don’t think Steve Jobs resists Flash because it’s awesome. He has a genuine concern about performance but, more importantly, it’s a proprietary technology that isn’t =his= proprietary technology!

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  8. Counsel says:

    Who is the manufacturer of the tablet? Adobe? Either way, specs and release date/price?

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Web 2.0 isn’t Adobe Flash. I thought this was an Android tablet review but is just fee advertising for Adobe. What a rube.

  11. max says:

    No, I don’t get paid by Abobe to do my blog posts, these opinions are purely “mine” and mine only, u are welcome to entertain other thoughts here on

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