Future of Cable and Satellite TV Will Be Google TV and YouTube!

YouTube is probably the most underestimated video service in the world today.  Even now, YouTube is in its hatching stages, I think it’s going to be another 5 to 10 years before we see even maturing of the giant video company that Google paid billions for couple years back.

Today’s subject is, “what is the future of cable and satellite TV”?

The future, will have no more cable and satellite TV.   I believe that with the introduction of Google TV and maturing of YouTube, people will no longer need to subscribe to any cable/satellite service.  Of course, it’s only my prediction but I do have some good reasons to back it up.

First of all, Cable and Satellite TV are slowly become more obsolete as our internet speeds get faster plus 1080P HD streaming is possible with your computer.   That means you can basically watch HD-quality videos/live shows using your computer.

Already there are services like Hulu and many others that let you stream live TV shows but my point is that one day, Google TV and YouTube will be replacing them all.

Google is closely working with HDTV manufacturing companies like Sony and Samsung, which I predict will integrate Google TV in future LCD TV models.  All you would need to do is connect your HDTV to a wireless connection.

I know, I know, many people are already doing what I am saying about the future here and also there ARE several HDTVs already capable of internet streaming.  But the point is, it’s not the masses who are able to use this and we have a huge breakpoint between being able to watch every regular Cable/Satellite TV show (and local stations) and only being able to watch certain streams based on availability.

Another important point to look at is how GoogleMaps has evolved over the last couple years, effectively taking out TeleAtlas and GPS companies into oblivion by making their own maps using Google vans.   In fact, GoogleMaps as you know are much more than maps with ability to view StreetView, interact with others using GoogleBuzz (although still in its infant stages), Navigation, and much more.

I know, this new disruptive technologies from Google may not make executives of TeleAtlas happy nor richer but it’s also important to note that consumers no longer have to pay royalties on outdated map technology that have been monopolizing it all.   (Same with cable/satellite, we are ALL over-paying for outdated technology.  Think about that $100 bill that goes to your cable/satellite company every month, that’s a lot of money!)

Even internet in America is like that and again, Google is bringing many gigabit broadband to select cities across the U.S. this year.

I may sound like I am all Google here (which I am) but Google as a company is simply taking the right steps to take technology to a new level.  There’s no other company in the world I can think of right now who is doing the same.

So, if Google TV and YouTube takes over your regular HDTVs, what does it mean?

It only means one thing, better technology with a lower price.  In the end, every consumer will be able to watch any live TV shows or watch them later perhaps without any subscription fees.  In the meanwhile, current Cable/Satellite companies will have cash out on as many subscribers as they can while they are still alive.

What do you think?  Do you think future of TV will no longer need cable and satellite boxes?   (I think they will still be used, but just for internet connections.)

P.S. I think it’s silly for Yahoo’s CEO to think Google needs to diversify when I have just pointed out just how much Google has diversified beyond their main business of search.

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