Virginia Doctor Gets Caught for Tax Evasion by Mailing Himself Money From Overseas!

ICE brings to prosecution a Virginia doctor soon to be sentenced for financial crimes by trying to conceal and transport more than $10,000 in currency, with the intent to evade federal reporting requirements, taped to the inside pages of multiple=

Here’s a sad story of a doctor in Virginia who got caught by the federal authorities for trying to evade taxes on inheritance he got back in Swiss.   Instead of rightfully paying taxes on it, he tried to mail himself a bundle of $100 bills hidden inside pamphlets, with each mailing containing almost $10,000 each.

The guy is now going to face some serious jail time plus he’s gonna probably lose his medical license for good.

I think this isn’t something a doctor should be doing, seriously.  What do you think?

The carefully hatched plot was foiled in October 2009, when Newark Airport mail facility personnel intercepted one of Silva’s envelopes. Opening the brochure, they found sequentially marked $100 dollar bills totaling $8,700. This amount did not constitute a legal violation, but the odd mailing transaction with this much cash emanated a strong scent of foul play to ICE, who followed up with a further investigation.

By December 2009, ICE seized $101,500 from 12 intercepted mailing envelopes that Silva had addressed to himself, his wife and his children. A federal search warrant of Silva’s home turned up another $110,000 hidden in a closet.

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