Windows Hack – How to Change Resolution at the Click of a Button! [HotKey][Free Software]

HotKey Resolution Changer Toggles Your Monitor Settings with a Key Stroke

For those of you on netbooks or laptops that for some reason you want to change the resolution on it like a mad dog, there’s a free software for that. (download HotKey Resolution Changer here)  It’s only for Windows but basically it’s a macro/hot-key program that will let you switch between resolutions like hotcakes, only for those of you very disturbed.

Just kidding, this actually works well for people with multiple monitor setups because Windows doesn’t let you set resolutions for multiple monitors separately.

Do you also have a multi monitor setup and are annoyed
with always having to change the resolution manually?
Then HCR will be as helpful to you as it is to me…
– Starts minimized (add shortcut to StartUp to start with windows)
– Sits silently in the tray
– Define 2 to 9 shortcuts for different resolutions
– Switch resolution with just a keypress!
– As of version the HotKeys can be customized
– Resolutions below 800×600 and frequencies above 100 Hertz are excluded. If you need them, download the source and compile HRC yourself.

via lifehacker, ghacks

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