Steve Jobs Claims He Supports Open Standards!

WOW, I just read Steve Jobs “Thought on Flash” where he “claims” he supports open standards while flash is not.

What intrigues me the most is that if Steve Jobs himself supports “open” standards, why in the hell is Apple suing HTC and why are most Apple’s products not open?

Why is Google Android completely open-source while Apple is not?

Why there’s absolutely “nothing” on Apple’s products open-source if Steve Jobs claims he supports open source?  (Other than hackers installing REAL open source software.)

I think this is just a bad excuse, just tell the world Steve that your real plans are to shut out Adobe so you can make all the money for yourself.  Or that Apple will make billions of dollars with proprietary software, which it has used for the life of Apple.

Just don’t blame us consumers when Google Android starts taking over (like IBM compatibles did decade earlier) iPhones because consumers want more choices, and these choice don’t just mean number of apps but ability to actually “choose” things in life.

I digress, this is the worst excuse you can come up with Steve, I know you don’t support any “open” standards to begin with thus my reasons for not supporting anything Apple.

And lastly, HTML5 is not an industry standard at all (at least not yet). If you could wait another 5 years before trying to implement it and blocking Adobe out, we’d all understand but that’s not the case.

HTML5 is still not perfect, I have tried HTML5 and it’s still a bit buggy and resolution isn’t all that great yet.   On the other hand, flash is still the clear winner and works on even older websites.

You clearly want it your way.

Fine, have it your way Steve, it’s obviously not going to make you more friends.

Max Lee
April, 2010

– sent from my Nexus One

3 Responses to Steve Jobs Claims He Supports Open Standards!

  1. ellisgl says:

    Thank you!
    Jobs loves to steal open source and claim it as their own. OS X is nothing but a hacked version of the BSD kernel from FreeBSD IIRC.

    “Or that Apple will make billions of dollars with proprietary software, which it has used for the life of Apple.” Don’t forget all that hardware too! Need a new battery on that iPhone? You’ll have to totally rip the thing apart to get to it!

    I totally banned Apple when they said they were going to open their hardware up in the late 80’s, early 90’s and then did a 180 at the last minute.

    Only problem with Apple is that it’s a status symbol, like BMW or Mercedes. Just a status symbol that isn’t that expensive, yet just enough to make it so. Brilliant marketing, dumb people falling for it. Their products remind me of the song from Devo called “Freedom of Choice”. Especially the lines “Freedom of choice, is what you got. Freedom from choice, is what you want.”

  2. max says:

    I am just really tired, most consumers who buy ipads and iphones don’t understand what’s behind Apple’s mind. I know, and I am just trying to inform those who don’t. It’s like the Hitler-era and you know what, buying something that “controls” isn’t something I want to buy. And I am open, more open than Steve Jobs as u can tell my numerous Apple news we have. To be truly open, you need to be open with your enemy Stevie. And it will only make the world better and probably more profits for Apple too, just think about the money bud.

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