DIY Canon 7D DSLR Helicopter, WHAT THE …

Yup, these guys are kinda serious, they strapped a whole Canon 7D DSLR camera onto a helicopter so they can take some awesome photos and HD videos. (See Helivideo)

I am a fan of Canon 7D myself as I bought one couple months back (don’t forget to read my Canon 7D Essentials Review), it’s a helluva camera for the money you spend. ┬áTo put that on a helicopter and to take amazing aerial photography/video is freakin’ amazing indeed, don’t you think so?

Just don’t drop the DSLR camera by flying it awry, that’s some expensive $2000 to recover.

[Eric Austin] is using a Canon 7D with this RC helicopter to capture some amazing HD video. His success has manifested itself in a company that is now manufacturing these platforms ready-to-use.

via hackaday

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