Chumby Hack – How to Turn your Chumby into a 3G Modem Router!

For those of you with a chumby and want to have some extra uses for it, you might want to turn your good ol’ Chumby into a 3G modem router that will allow you to share your 3G modem connection with multiple computers. (See here for full instructions.)

Of course, did you know Chumby runs on Linux? (see here on how to install your own Chumby linux kernel.)  You might even be able to turn your Chumby into an automated WiFi hacking device (see here on how to hack wep with linux) then use it as a WiFi router. (for educational purposes only of course.)

There’s an Easter Egg inside the chumby One (which is now on sale at Costco online for $99, cheaper than’s $119 price!) that enables it to work with certain 3G USB modems and function as a 3G router (similar to a MiFi).

via hackaday

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