Android Hack – How to Install Firefox on your Nexus One/Android!


Last night, I got a tweet from someone while browsing on my Nexus One that you can install Firefox beta (called fennec) on your Android phone.

Well, I just clicked on the download link and had Firefox installed on my Nexus One!

How to Install Firefox Fennec on Your Nexus One/Droid

Download this file in your Nexus One/Droid or any other Android smartphone.

Click Install.

That’s it!

The Firefox Fennec is pretty basic right now, websites load pretty fast and well just like my stock Nexus One browser.

Here’s loading on the Firefox Fennec.

You can slide to the left, which will show you all the “tabbed” windows.

Slide to the right and you will be able to get your bookmarks or mess with settings.

There’s currently about 100 add-ons available for the Firefox Finnec, there should be more added as the Finnec becomes more official.

Overall, I am very impressed with the new Firefox browser for the Android.  I think it should work fine on most of the new Android phones like Nexus One, Droid, HTC Incredible, etc…etc…  The older Android phones might have trouble as the Firefox Finnec takes more memory.

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