Modder Builds a DIY 3D Laser Scanner!


Here’s an interesting DIY 3D scanner built by a modder that can uses a laser to calculate a 3D image using depth and other complex math. I think this could be a wonderful project for all the 3D designers out there who need 3D scanning without paying high dollars.

The project is in its initial phases but we will keep checkin’ and see there’s an updated full-3D scanner.

Also, check out our 3D scanner page for other cool DIY 3D scanner projects.

As a CS buff, I am deeply impressed by the 3D scene reconstruction research; but as a long-time photographer, I can’t help but notice that great advances in photo editing could potentially be made with much simpler tools. In particular, I am intrigued by 2.5D imaging (to borrow the term from the world of CNC machining): regular 2D pictures augmented with precise, per-pixel distance information, but no data about undercuts, backfaces, and so forth.

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