DSLR Hack – How to Make DSLR Camera Ring Flash!

LED ring light on Lens

You know, DSLR camera ring flashes don’t have to be so expensive, they just mark-up a lot of money for something that can be made a lot cheaper.  For those of you who have some soldering skills, you can try making your own DSLR camera ring flash by following directions here. (or refer to it)

Basically, get some kind of ring shape that can be attached to the end of your DSLR lense, stick some LEDS, wire it up to a suitable battery switch, and that’s pretty much it.

Now, if you can get it synchronized to actual DSLR camera buttons so the flash is activated automatically (so you don’t have to keep pressing on and off), that would be awesome.

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DIY Macro Lighting Ring (by Wonky Donkey)

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