Fireworks Hack – DIY Fireworks Control System!


If you are into pyro tech and if you need some inspiration for a DIY fireworks control system, take a look at this guy’s awesome fireworks control box mod.

just finished building the main unit. It has a 144 cue capability; there are 48 on the main unit. I will have 4 slats with 24 cues each and 25-foot slat cables. I have tested the system and it fires commercial e-matches with no problem. I have not tested it with wire wrapped fuse yet but I do not think that I will have a problem with it.
The unit is in a Seahorse SE-520 Waterproof Case OSHA Yellow in color.
It has a custom made aluminum panel painted with black epoxy appliance paint and custom vinyl lettering.
My system is built off of two MadeinCHN boards. One of the boards is 433 MHz latching for slat selection the other board is 315 MHz momentary for cue firing. Both boards have selectable encoding via an 8 position Omron B.C.D. pushbutton switch. I have status leds letting me know that I am communicating between the transmitter and receiver. This is a nice little feature to have.”

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