Windows 7 Hack – How to Find the Right Drivers for your Windows 7!

The other day I was installing Windows 7 on two of my friend’s older laptops.  I got Windows 7 installed fine but was having trouble finding the right display and audio drivers.

I found that manufacturers such as HP like to make their audio drivers almost impossible to find by re-naming their audio drivers to HP’s proprietary names.   These can make it harder when HP’s support site only provide drivers for Windows XP.

Of course, don’t forget that most Windows Vista drivers will work with Windows 7 in my experience.  So before following this guide, if you can find a Vista driver first, make sure to try installing that.  (Also you can try running any driver setup programs in Windows Vista compatibility mode by right clicking on the program and selecting “Properties”.)

One more thing, if you are using Vista drivers, make sure you use 32-bit for likewise Windows 7 32-bit system and 64-bit for Windows 7 64-bit.

Now, after trying Vista drivers, if you get errors or for some reason your computer gives you a BSOD, simply reboot into safe mode and uninstall it.

If the Vista drivers don’t work or there’s isn’t one for your computer, you can now try going into Control Panel and finding the hardware ID.

As you can see in the above screenshot, you will need to get that number after &DEV_, in which case it’s 0083.

This is the PCI vendor number which will let you find the right drivers for your Windows 7.

Now, go to Google and type “PCI 0083 Windows driver” or “8086 0083 Windows driver”(8086 is the number after PCI\VEN_.  You should get a bunch of good ideas on what the actual name is for that device.

Do another search for the actual name of the device and you might be able to find a driver that works with Windows 7.

Sometimes it will take you a long time to pin down the right driver but once you get it, you should be all ready to go.

After this experience, I might have to say Windows 7 is great for rejuvenating older laptops/desktops but finding drivers was just a pain in the a**.

By the way, this should actually work for any type of Windows, should be very similar.

2 Responses to Windows 7 Hack – How to Find the Right Drivers for your Windows 7!

  1. Mathews says:

    Not always. Sometimes the Vista Drivers like for my motherboard onboard sound failed to work. But I found a patch on the Microsoft site and on running that the Vista drivers started working on my Windows 7 Laptop.

  2. max says:

    One more note, I found that sound drivers can crash if other drivers aren’t installed first. For example, make sure your display driver is installed (with the correct driver) before trying audio driver installation. Also, sometimes Vista drivers can fail too, keep trying I guess. 🙂

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