Window Hack – How to Make Virtual Windows!

Personally, I prefer real views but if your house doesn’t have an oceanview, perhaps facing your neighbor’s wall, do not worry as you can install a virtual window that lets you display great sceneries like the famed San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, aquarium, or anything you can think of.

Two 46-inch Panasonic TC-P46G10 plasma screens bring the images to life. They are fed by an Apple Mac Pro workstation in the adjacent room running custom OS X software called Winscape. Using the displays’ physical layout parameters, the Winscape software renders the proper portions of the video to fill the appropriate displays using Quicktime and OpenGL. A Wii remote reports the position of a custom-built IR-emitting necklace in the room via bluetooth. The Winscape software uses this tracker information (when available) to shift the view for the person wearing the IR necklace. Sleep, Wake, and Scene Selection can be controlled by a web page served by the software or by the Winscape Remote iPhone App.

Of course, this probably will not raise the value of your home but at least it will make you feel like you live in a rich neighborhood.   Trust me, your mind can’t tell the difference.


via hackaday

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