Android Hack – How to Take Perfect Screenshots of your Android Phone!

HTC Desire screen shot

For those of you who want to take perfect screenshots of your Android phone (for perhaps making a DIY guide on how to tether your Android Phone), my honest suggestion is to get a really good DSLR camera such as the Canon 7D. ¬†That’s the camera I used to take all my HOWTO photos over at my Nexus One Hacks blog.

If you have more uses for a professional-quality camera that can do macro/low-light photography like a champ, definitely plan on getting a DSLR camera.

For anyone else who’s just doing it for plain fun, you can fiddle around with Android’s SDK, which has a tool that will let you capture bit-by-bit image of your Android phone’s screen.

There’s two guides I recommend, try this one first (it’s for HTC Incredible but should work on any Android phone) and also this one here.

But seriously, I find that my DSLR camera takes great photos of the screen plus the phone itself, which I think is important. ¬†Well, just sayin’

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