Rubik’s Cube Gadget Charger [Design Concept]

The Rubik's-style Magic Charger

Check out this nifty design of a “Rubik’s Cude” gadget charger that will turn your efforts of solving the puzzle into electricity to re-charge your gadgets.  I don’t know how practical that would be but certainly reminds me of the Bloom Box.  If the design could be further developed into more efficient transfer of energy from motion to electricity, this could be a potential production material.

A concept device from designer Zheng Weixi showcased over on Yanko Design, the Magic – a backronym from Manual Available Green power Interaction Consumer – Charger resembles a two-color Rubik’s Cube, and the designer’s intention is that you play with it in the same way – rotating the sides to form a predetermined pattern, thus solving the puzzle.

via geekwithlaptop

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