Photoshop DIY – How to Make your Photos POP with De-Saturation!

MaximumPC, one of my favorite magazine reads, has a great online guide on how to make your photos “pop” with de-saturation Photoshop technique.  As an avid-photoshopper, this is certainly going into my Photoshop bookmarks along with the Top 10 Photoshop HOWTOs our blogger Tanya posted couple weeks back.

‘Saturation’ is a term used to describe the intensity of basic colors that make up an image.  As such, the lower the saturation of the image, the less intense the colors.  When an image has no saturation at all (see: desaturated) , it becomes a black and white image.  ‘Selective saturation’ usually involves converting an image into black and white, with the exception of a single part of a photo that remains in color.  Often, the part of the photo left in color is the primary subject.

via maximumpc

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