Lucasfilm Experimenting with DSLR cameras for Theater Movies!

Here’s some interesting news that the folks at Lucasfilm are experimenting with DSLR camera for theater movies. I for one have bought a Canon 7D couple months back and have to say it’s a great piece of camera that can shoot some really good 1080P HD footages.

Rick and Mike had seen what these cameras were capable of and wanted to really know just how much you could push them. They had seen mine and others work online but really wanted to see how well they performed projected. The joy of these guys is they have a great attitude. If it looks great on the big screen then that is the most important thing. Not codecs, limitations, bit rates etc…all those are very important but the most important thing by far for them is how it actually looks and it passed with flying colours. That is what they really care about.

Specifically, Philip Bloom uses Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D to shoot these videos.

I think it’s amazing that even renowned filmmakers like Lucasfilm is considering use of DSLR for theater movies but then, I don’t see why not?  I wouldn’t be surprised if more film makers start using DSLRs to make full-length movies in the near future.

Anyways, Philip Bloom, the director who stayed at the Skywalker ranch to show the movie-making capabilities to George Lucas and Quentin Tarantino, has a detailed write-up of his experience on his blog, highly recommended read for all movie-making enthusiasts out there.

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