DIY Rugged Exploration Robot!


For those of you out there who are electrical/network specialists, here’s a rugged exploration robot that can help you carry network cables across roofs and other small spaces where man can’t fit.  Also there’s an onboard 2.4Ghz camera to relay photos as a secondary alternative to human sight.

It uses thread-wheel system powered by servos which is slow but very powerful, what you might need when crawling small spaces, just in case the robot gets caught.

He crawls around between rafters and floor boards. His main role is to pull network cables and alarm across roof spaces too small for people. His alternative role is to explore such spaces for cable routes.
Small and flat: 3.25″ tall, 7.25″ long and about 8″ long to the bottom of the antenna pivot.
Images are returned via a 2.4GHz camera.
The treads are motivated by digital servos modified for continuous rotation. They are built into the tread frame as not to take up any space in the central body. Yes, he’s slow but actually very powerful.

via hackedgadgets

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