DIY LED Speed Alert Device Helps you Drive Sane!

I admit, I had a problem of driving too fast when I first got my license, cops loved to pull me over and give me a ticket because I was also young.   (Now I know, cops don’t care about youngsters driving, they will pull you over and give you a ticket even if it was something stupid.)

Anyways, now I am older and I don’t really drive that fast anymore and even when I get pulled over, cops usually let me go with a warning.

For those of you teenagers and people who can’t seem to slow down, you might benefit from this DIY LED speed alert device that will make you think a cop is behind you when you drive too fast.

I have this friend that has a speeding problem. So I built this device for my friend so he’ll know when he’s speeding. How will he know? Because when the small perf-board Arduino device with a GPS module detects that his vehicle’s speed is over the speed limit, it turns on a police lights display that is mounted on the inside of his car’s rear windshield. When he sees those flashing police lights in the rear-view mirror, he’ll know he needs to slow down!

Of course, my advice is to just drive at normal speeds.  Most of the time, cops don’t pull you over if you go 10 miles over the speed limit but they will pull you over if you are weaving in-n-out of lanes to beat other drivers on the road.

via hackaday

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