ASUS UL30Jt Might Come with WiMax!

I just took a look over at ASUS UL30Jt manual (which is available on ASUS support page) and noticed that there’s an Intel WiMAX driver, meaning ASUS UL30Jt could be shipped with WiMAX-capabilities.

This isn’t surprising as HTC and Sprint just announced their first-ever 4G WiMax Android phone the HTC Evo.

I am not sure exactly how WiMax works but it could be that you might be able to sign up for 1 WiMax account (and maybe they give you a login and password) so you can also use it straight from your laptop without a WiMax USB dongle.   At worst case, ASUS might be selling these laptops off Sprint’s new 4G WiMax service.

At any rate, it’s an indication that the ASUS UL30Jt perhaps will be more than we thought.

8 Responses to ASUS UL30Jt Might Come with WiMax!

  1. homas says:

    I use Clear so WiMax on the UL30Jt would indeed be sweet! Now just light up that keyboard, include a 640 GB HD and this little ‘puter would just about be perfect.

  2. Ángel Ramiro says:


    I’m from Spain, sorry if my english is not perfect.

    I saw this from someone on Amazon forum about Asus UL30JT (

    N. Ardle says:
    Asus thought they were going to release the JT this month. Then Acer decided not to use the CULV i-Core processors in their TimelineX models. Since Acer is the largest laptop manufacturer, they have a lot of weight with Intel. Intel then decided it would not produce the UM versions of the i-Core processors (the i3/i5/i7) until later this year, probably late summer or fall. The UL30JT was designed to use the i5 520UM. That processor is not going to be produced for some months, and that is why the JT will not be released anytime soon. It is a bummer, but that is market forces for you.

    Here is a link talking about the delay by Intel:

    What do you think about it? Are you still sure this laptop is going to be available soon in US?

    Thank you and regards, we read your blog with great interest from here

  3. max says:

    Yes, the laptop should be available for pre-order real soon, maybe 3 weeks tops.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So this means you can pre-order the UL30JT now-you won’t actually get your hands on one until late 2010-maybe early 2011 by which time it will be closento obsolete ?

  5. max says:

    Well U30Jc is out already, I am sure UL30Jt is on its way soon, I dunno about the Intel delays.

  6. mario says:

    I also think! otherwise, the site was not already announced ul30jt

  7. mario says:

    netword lan rj45 gigabite ethernet (1000Mbps) ???

  8. homas says:

    If it doesn’t come with WiMax just buy your own Intel 6250 adapter, install the card and the Asus supplied software and you should be good to go. My current concern is if the Core i5 520UM processor will give the battery life of the current UL notebooks. And PLEASE upgrade the toy 0.3 web camera. “Mega pixel” – what a joke!

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