iPad Hack – How to Charge iPad via Computer USB Ports!

For those of you who have been complaining that your iPad doesn’t charge via a regular USB port on your computer or laptop, here’s some clarification from my friend Greg over at GetUSB.info that it will charge if you put it in sleep mode:

The iPad will power over USB ports with “high power” while in use.

  • The iPad will [obviously] charge when used with the supplied 10 watt power adapter.
  • The iPad will not charge over lower powered USB ports while “in use”  however, they will charge when asleep.
  • If the user gets the iPad message “Not Charging” you must take this literally.  This means the use of the iPad will equal the draw of power and only when it goes to sleep will it recharge…so it’s like a break even.
  • via getusb

    2 Responses to iPad Hack – How to Charge iPad via Computer USB Ports!

    1. Anonymous says:

      How is this a hack? Worthless.

    2. The hack is, let your ipad go to sleep to let it charge over standard usb ports.

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