Apple’s iPad, what People Are Saying!

Apple has started selling iPads as of couple hours ago and I told you why I am not getting one, at least not yet.

Here’s some interesting remark form Craig Newmark:

I suspect that I’ll wait a little longer for a Google tablet. There are a whole bunch coming and they’ll all start off with innovations like multi-tasking [not available on the iPad]. … I like Apple — they do great work, but they have rigid control over their application store, and that might give them too much power. [Google’s] Android store is way more open, and I prefer the open approach.

That was one of my reasons of not getting an iPad, Apple has been known for too-closed approach to things and iPad is one of them.  I think in the long run, Apple will have to open up more as a company and stop trying to control the world.   If they can’t do that, it’s only going to cost them in the long run.  Well, just sayin’.

Also read more what other prominent tech-savvy people are saying on Chicago Tribune.

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