iPad (or iPhone XL), Are You Getting One?

iPad will be available as of tomorrow to the masses in the U.S., I’ve even pre-ordered mine.  Since you don’t actually have to pay money when you pre-order, I have decided actually not to get one after reading a hands-on review by David Pogue on New York Times.

Some of the things that prevent me from buying an iPad isn’t that Apple is evil but the iPad simply isn’t going to be useful for me, I cannot think of one good reason why I need it.

This is also because I hate spending money on software.  iPad probably has a some free apps too but to get the most out of it, you probably have to throw down $5-10 per app, meaning you have to pay to keep using.  Plus, you can’t even “print” documents straight from the iPad because it’s not a laptop, you need to connect it to a real computer.

Those are critical selling points for the iPad, if it can’t do things that a normal computer can. Probably the thing that turns me away the most about the iPad is that it can’t “multi-task”! Are you kidding me?

For $500, I can get a tablet laptop that will do much more.

But for those of you who are crazy about playing games on your iPhone or iPod Touch and can’t simply live without them, iPad might be just what you need, upgrade to an iPhone XL.

Anyway I look at it, iPad seems to me like a giant iPhone, which basically is.

If I buy an iPad, that will be after Apple decides to add some USB ports and multi-tasking, otherwise it’s completely useless gadget for me.  No thanks, I rather spend my money on upgrading my Gixxer.

Are you getting one?  Leave comments!

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