Hover DIY – How to Make Hover Shoes!


I’ve always been fascinated at objects that can hover. In this post, we discuss the topic of hover shoes that will allow you to float using magnets and battery power to amplify the power of magnets.

Of course, in the video, there’s no full-shot of the person hovering so I am not sure if it’s fake.

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In this episode we show you how to create your own pair of Hover shoes which will allow you to “float” over any predominantly metal base. In the video we use the garage since it has metal beams embedded in the concrete but you could do this wherever you find a strong metal flooring.

You need:
1. Soldering Iron
2. Solder
3. Wire
4. Shoes
5. 50 lb lift magnets
6. 2 9v batteries
7. Glue Gun

The 9v battery will turn the standard magnet into an electro-magnet giving it more lift for a small duration of time.

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  1. Art says:

    Cute April Fool’s video. 🙂

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