DIY Frequency-Enabled String Exhibit!


Frequency, waves, and sound has always been one of my deeper tech interests. Here’s an art exhibit that uses exactly that, frequency of singer’s voice is used to drive motors that are activated based on frequency and volume.

The resulting 3D effect of frequency waves are amazing in this DIY example, I think this could could be one of the coolest gadgets I’ve seen in awhile.

Each string in the arrangement is activated by a different audio frequency, and will spin with a velocity dependent on the volume of that particular pitch. As a string spins, it sweep out transparent, three dimensional wave pattern with a period and amplitude that changes according to its velocity, and pulls upwards on the rods. In these videos, singer Ashleigh Semkiw performs her arrangement of Bjork’s Unison and Messaien’s Poemes Pour Mi, creating two unique choreographies of 16 brass rods dancing, bobbing up and down in a forest of ghostly columns. A tenuous, ephemeral architectural space is created, and viewers are encouraged to walk through the rows of columns being animated by Ms. Semkiw’s voice.

via hackedgadgets

See video of the art exhibit in action:


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