Android Hack – DIY Android Voice-Controlled Robot!

Voice recognition dialog on the Android phone connected to the Cellbot robot

Ever since I got my Nexus One phone that runs Android 2.1, I have been thoroughly enjoying its voice-recognition feature to help me do more things on my phone while I am driving.  I guess that’s not the only good use of the Android phone, here’s a cool Android hack that shows you a DIY robot can be controlled via voice too using terminal emulator to run a single-line python program.

The Android platform comes with voice recognition built in, and thanks to the Android Scripting Environment, we only need a single line of code to use (droid.recognizeSpeech() if you were curious). We are using it for continuous recognition where you can give it command after commands, as well as the ability to initiate a single voice recognition request on demand.

I think the voice feature will open up a whole lot of doors to gadgets for the the blind, certainly highlights of what an Android phone can do.

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