Circuit Hack – How to Make an E-Mail Alerting T-Shirt!

Here’s someone who used Arduino and a bluetooth module to create an e-mail alerting T-shirt that receives number of new e-mails you have via an Android phone.
Very clever and great idea as you can easily convert it into something like an e-mail alerting box that could prove to be very useful for people who need to be constantly checking their e-mails.  Best part is that the author has provided free source code.  Brilliant idea.

And, here’s the result — Madeleine and I made a t-shirt together that displays how much unread e-mail I have using an Arduino Lilypad and Bluetooth dongle, and an Android phone to send the number of unread mails to the shirt. Here’s an image of the center of the shirt, and a video showing it in action:

via make

Watch the E-Mail Alerting T-shirt in action:


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