J2Android Converts your Java MIDIlet into Android Apps!

Java has been touted as probably the best platform to write programs on so they run on various different machines.  Well, it seems that a company called Myriad has figured out how to convert Java MIDIlets (MIDIlets are basically Java programs that run on smartphones like Nokia) into Android apps with ability to use the softkeys and touchscreen on your Android. (See Myriad’s Press Relase on J2Android)

Utilizing J2Android, phone manufacturers, operators and mobile application stores can rapidly populate their Android storefronts with premium applications from launch, without the need for porting or middleware. As a result, they can deliver end users access to a library of content and a richer user experience on their Android handsets.

Myriad J2Android delivers automatic conversion of compiled MIDlets into Android applications, providing a trouble-free and cost-effective solution. Further software features include adaptive screen scaling and the ability to apply virtual keypads and softkeys, allowing both users and content owners to benefit from full use of the screen estate. This MIDlet to APK approach requires no source code or middleware allowing for seamless discovery and 1-click accessibility.

Video Demo:


This will be very interesting because one of the factors I pointed out why Android apps could grow faster than iPhone apps, that Java is ultra-portable, many apps can be easily ported to Android apps.    (I just proved it.)

The number of Java apps out there currently are in the numbers of millions, it’s only a matter of time developers like Myriad makes more conversion softwares so it can be ported in matters of minutes.  There’s still many other types of Java such as traditional desktop browser apps, which can still be easily ported to Android apps already.

Well, let’s see what happens.

Also read up on my guide on how to get started with Android Apps and Java.

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