$4000 Tax Credit for Zero S Electric Motorcycle!

zero s electric bike

For those of you motorcycle enthusiasts out there like me (I have a brand spanking new ’06 Gixxer 600), you might be very happy to learn that Uncle Sam is giving you a whopping tax credit for buying a Zero S electric motorcycle.

There’s a federal tax credit of $2,500 and also California state tax credit of $1,500.   These tax credits are dollar-for-dollar, meaning they will deduct 100% of your taxes.  Also, you can carry these tax credits to longer years if you want to.

Residents of California will get a whopping $4000 tax credit.  The Zero S electric motorcycle is $10,000 and with tax credits, that’s shaved to just $6,000.

This probably is the best deal for an electric bike right so if you have been looking to get a super-MPG-efficient bike, this is it.

The governator Arnold Schwarzenegger himself approved and endorsed the state tax credit. The bike would then run you about $8,000 after all credits have been shaved off, as this bike normally retails for $10,000.

What’s so cool about this bike, you ask? These bikes can travel 40 to 50 miles an hour on a single charge and feature the latest sustainable technology around. Zero S is based in California.

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