Steve Jobs Talking to Eric Schmidt in Palo Alto!

Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt Spotted Together Again

Well, here’s some good news, Steve Jobs of Apple and Eric Schmidt of Google has been spotted talking together in Palo Alto.  I am guessing they are probably talking about Apple’s recent lawsuit to HTC.  With all that has gone wrong, I believe these two people can work it out like real people instead of hiding behind lawyers.

I can’t really see any benefits if this Apple-HTC lawsuit keeps going, it’s a lose-lose situation really for all mobile companies including Apple, HTC, and Google.

With all things in life, I believe there’s a solution to them, and most of those can be solved by “talking”.

Why spend millions of dollar at court when you can settle things over a cup of coffee?  (Instead donate that money to the needy please.)

As someone outside the box, I think there can be more things done and more money for both companies if Apple and Google works together to bring better things like Google Navigation on iPhones and perhaps the ability to port over iPhone apps to Android.   Whatever they are fussing over about, it’s definitely not worth theirs or our time and really, I am tired of hearing about lawsuits, it’s time they spend doing something better for the world together.

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