#Swagapalooza was a Blast and FREE Swags!

(Nick Starr, who is a blogger at BGR, Robert Scobleizer, and me from left to right.)

#Swagapalooza was a blast last night, it’s an invite-only for bloggers where they give out free swags so bloggers can blog about it. (I guess, is that why I am blogging about this now?).

Anyways, the night turned out to be very interesting as I met many new people including Nick Starr, one of the bloggers at BoyGeniusReport.com. Nick told me he was be doing Abdominoplasty the next day, my best wishes to Nick that goes well.  We had a rather interesting talk about Apple and smartphones, very interesting guy with a lot of Apple insights.

I also met Guy Kawasaki for the first time, I have been reading his books for over 10 years, he’s one of my heroes as far as dot com stuff go, I still have a Garage.com T-shirt that my dad brought to me during dot com boom when he met Guy Kawasaki (I was in high school then FYI).

And oh yeah, Robert Scobleizer was there, I saw him at CES blogger party couple months back.  I had a few drinks and had to take a picture with him so that’s what I got above, yey!

At the #Swagapalooza event, they setup a cool live Twitter feed screen where views could tweet and add to the on-going presentations.  I was too busy with my camera and long islands but this is a really good idea for events.  It would have been even cooler if they could have implemented some live Chatroulette too.

Huge thanks to Alex Krupp, the event organizer, for inviting me, I love free schwag. (who doesn’t?)  I don’t know why he invited me but really, thanks for all the great free food and drinks.  Btw, I had like 4 straight long islands in a row, had a pretty bad hang over the next day.

Oh yeah, thanks to Zoe and Kamal from FotoBabble, great people, what can I say?

I forgot to take a picture but Jenny from Joby (the company that makes GorillaPods that I have covered various times) was nice to break the ice for me at the party as I didn’t know anyone when I first got there.  She and I took a bacon hot sauce shot, that was cool.  (And yes, check hot Bacon Hot Sauce, sorta like my favorite Tabasco with a bit of bacon flavor.)

I also met Shannon Clark while recording Guy’s key note, he was organizing his PearlTree, check it out for the Twitter tree of #Swagapalooza.  (I should have a video demo of PearlTree up soon too btw.)

One more, I met Scott Kim, creator of Black Garlic. (Video of that coming up soon too.)  Scott was profusely sweating and nervous right before it was his turn to present, I gave him some advice to relax. (I dunno if it helped or not…)

I know I met more people too, sorry I did get a bit too faded last night but it was cool to hang out with y’all!

Overall, it was nice to be at a such low-key event in a bar in SF!  (The last time I went to DNA Lounge was for clubbing, not for product launching.)

What do I think of SwagaPalooza?

They should host more product launches like this, at a more casual setting like a bar.   I can’t wait to go again next year!  One thing I really like over big conferences and shows is that it’s focused on couple niche products, not hundreds or thousands.

I will slowly render those HD videos I took of all the schwag I got last night, more detailed of each schwag coming soon.

Lastly, here’s Guy Kawasaki’s key note at #Swagapalooza on Top 10 tips for tech entrepreneurs, pretty funny and great advice for start-ups and tech entrepreneurs:


Extra, a fun video I made about all the free swag I got at #Swagapalooza!


P.S. Seriously, I have too much time to kill but I believe best ideas in business come from killin’ time. Just a thought.

5 Responses to #Swagapalooza was a Blast and FREE Swags!

  1. Max, one small correction – that’s a Pearltree not a Peachtree (they make accounting software, Pearltrees makes visual web curration easy).

    Great post and glad we talked.


  2. max says:

    Oh crap, oops, well, I still got your video coming up, I will make sure do it right. 🙂

  3. no problem though if you could fix the two cases of peachtree in this post that would be great but looking forward to the video. btw – pretty extensive set of sites you have going

  4. max says:

    Dido, dunno why I’ve been doing that, I swear my mind is playing tricks on me, last night I bought a cheap liquor bottle thinking it was the cheaper one but I actually bought the one I wanted.

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