IT Certification DIY – What are Highest Paying Degrees?

There is always a huge interest among people to find out which is the career that is paid the highest remuneration every year. It is done purely to bring a sense of competition and to know about the fields that are highly paid and is worth to pursue a career. People want to know about these fields and want their children to be in the highest paying field so that they could lead a happy life throughout their life time. It is of great interest to students too as they too can select the career that would help them to earn a lot and have a happy life thereafter.

The people who are highly paid are the surgeons and they are paid around one 100 thousands and ninety thousand dollars every year. They are paid so because of the high degree of specialization and skill they possess and also because the field that they are involved is the life saving medical field. After the human life, comes the corporate life and the second position is for the famous CEOs of the organizations. They too are paid a hefty amount. They are paid around one 100 thousands and thirty five thousand dollar per year as they are the people who could either make or break an organization with their decision making and leadership skills. Then comes the portfolio managers and they earn about one million and thirty dollars per year and this may increase and decrease with the stock market’s situation.

The medical field comes again and this time it is the medical scientist who bags the fourth place and he earns about one 100 thousands dollar per year. The fifth place is for the podiatrist who earn a little less than the medical scientists. The list is completed by lawyers, optometrists, computer information system managers. One has to observe that most of these careers are associated with service which is a bit surprising.

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