FotoBabble Is Like TwitPic with Audio!

Last night I had the great pleasure of getting free swags at Swagapalooza, one of the companies that stood out was FotoBabble. It’s a free service where you can add audio to your photos. They even have an iPhone app so you can easily take photos w/ audio on the go. This is actually a great idea because sometimes you don’t have the time to upload a whole 1080P HD video but you want to upload audio with a picture. (or a picture with audio to describe it.)

This really reminds me of TwitPic and how the Twitter image uploading service is now making millions in profits every year. I think if FotoBabble can integrate Twitter more (with Twitter login) plus auto-tweet your audio photos, this could certainly become a better alternative to TwitPic. Well, just my million dollar suggestions. 🙂

Anyway, thanks to Zoe and Kamal at Fotobabble for being nice to show me a demo on their iPhone, it was nice meeting you guys and hope your venture takes off!  And yeah Zoe, don’t take rides from strangers!  LMAO.

Those of you who want to try out the service, head to Fotobabble!

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