Nexus One Hack – How to Overclock Your Nexus One and have the fastest CPU for Smartphone Today!

Yey folks, I just overclocked my Nexus One to 1.113Ghz from its stock 1Ghz, making it the fastest CPU for smartphones (you can hack) today.

The best part about this overclocking hack is that it doesn’t deprive your Nexus One of additional battery power because it’s overclocked and uses slightly less CPU voltage.  Basically, it makes your Nexus One as fast as it can be.

You can read full step-by-step instructions I wrote over here at Nexus One Hacks blog.


Yup, I overclocked my Nexus One phone and it’s running fast 111.5% faster than a stock Nexus One.

Is it safe? Yeah, I think it’s pretty safe as the hack doesn’t change any CPU voltages.

Does my phone run faster? Yes, it runs slightly faster, especially when I am viewing online videos on my Nexus One.


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