LED Hack – How to Make an LED Mohawk Helmet!

For those of you who want mohawks but really can’t afford to because you will look a bit crazy at work, you can still make one of these nifty LED Mohawk helmets.   Not only will you look cooler, the LED Mohawk helmet will fend off drivers who are drifting to sleep before they almost hit you.  Plus, it “animates”, certainly an attention-grabber and a nice device to wear when biking at nights.

It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. I got to use all kinds of tools and materials, and afterwards I had a piece of wearable art, totally unlike anything else at Bike Party. When I wore it, people gasped audibly, and shouted praise, and took photographs and digital movies. Still pictures don’t do it justice … the whole thing doesn’t just throw out incredible light, it animates. Click on the photo below for a short movie demonstrating the helmet in action.

via hackaday

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