iPhone Killer is Here – HTC Evo!

Sprint, HTC, and Google has teamed up to bring you the “ultimate” iPhone Killer.  I have written a post when Palm Pre came out that it was an iPhone Killer but let me correct that, HTC Evo is the new iPhone Killer!

Probably, we have not seen a better smartphone in our lifetime.  While Apple is stuck with an outdated AT&T network for another decade, HTC will be bypassing with lightening speeds on Sprint’s 4G WiMax network while Google keeps improving their Android mobile operating system.

As for Apple, they are now facing competition from not just one company but Sprint, HTC, and Google combined, hence this HTC Evo might be the phone that will actually kill the iPhone for good.

Surely, we have not seen a smartphone that can do Flash 10.1, 4G WiMax, 720P HD Videos, and much more.   This brings up the question, will Apple iPhones keep up?

Perhaps Apple can implement flash and 720P HD videos in iPhone 4G but implementing a 4G network will be hard unless they switch networks to Sprint.  No matter how LTE technology is improved upon in the U.S., it’s clear that LTE in the U.S. still mostly rumors and theoretical, and plus AT&T is STILL struggling just provide stable 3G let alone 4G.

I’ve predicted this would happen and today is the day that’s announced but who knows, maybe Apple has a strategy for 4G too.

Btw, people in South Korea have been already enjoying this for the last couple years (WiMax was developed in South Korea), it’s not really new technology but it’s just taken a long time to cross to the U.S.    Sprint has been on the forefront of bringing innovations earlier than other networks and I have to applaud them for that while other networks deliberately delay the bringing of new technology because they are getting so rich off outdated 3G networks.  Kudos to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse!

No wonder Apple is suing HTC, this is a no-brainer, Apple is going south when this phone is available this summer.  Too bad they can’t be suing HTC for WiMax…  Well, just sayin’.

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11 Responses to iPhone Killer is Here – HTC Evo!

  1. Unxpekted says:

    Look up sales for HTC vs. iPhone.

    Its a no brainer, iPhone wins regardless of what is a better mobile phone. If I want blazing fast speeds and 1gig of memory I will use my macbook, until then I like my sleek, jailbroken, iPhone. It does everything the HTC does and things the HTC does that the iPhone does, the iPhone does things that the HTC doesnt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Haha. Okay that made no sense. Aside from that, you have it backwards, the HTC does things that the iphone DOESN’T. Read the specs without being bias because you already own an iphone. I have done research on both and even though we don’t really know what the iphone 4g will include, the rumors of what it does include still don’t top the HTC. While you will be lugging around your macbook so that you don’t have to use your superslow service on your iphone, everyone in the know will be zooming at the speed of your macbook on our supersleek 4.3 inch LED HD HTC EVO.

  3. C Mack says:

    It’s true, this phone is nothing short of kick ass.

  4. NIK says:

    The main problem with calling this an iPhone killer is that the whole basis for their argument in that its better is b/c of flash, 720P, and 4G. first of all, 4G is available in all of like 4 major cities in the US, hardly a bragging right.

    Secondly, you’re watching a 4inch movie, as a video engineer, i can tell you 720P isn’t going to get you much better quality, its 4inches, sorry. 4.3.

    Also, its android and flash powered. Not exactly as stable as the iPhone. There is a reason Apple doesn’t use flash, and Steve Jobs personally released a note saying why, it sucks. Google and Microsoft are behind them in using html 5, so Flash is also not a bragging point b/c it is old technology.

    the iPHone however has more apps by the biggest companies than the android market will dream of, its much more stable, and to say anything is going to kill simply b/c it has newer technology is rediculous and uneducated. the iPhone will not be killed overnight, this HTC may have its own followers, but they are driven by money and simply want Sprint’s cheap rates. AT&T does have problems, but they have problems b/c they have seen exponential growth b/c of the iPhone, the best will also be overcrowded.

  5. nuttymac says:

    For a phone to have the ability offer true 100% web browsing is a definite game changer. Not to mention, the vanity cam, in the front, and the 8mega pixel camera are just bonuses attached to the HTC EVO. My city, Modesto Ca, just recently was given the green light for WiMax to be installed by the end of this summer. With that in mind, I am leaving my current cell provider as soon as the EVO hits the stores.

    I don’t care for the iphone, because you can’t truly explore the web, and the high price phone bill every month. I don’t want to forget that we can’t even put insurance on the iphone, so if it breaks, then we bite the bullet.

  6. ffinder says:

    the evo is sooooo awsome

  7. Anonymous says:

    how can you make an iphone faster? Hook it up to an htc evo….

  8. Ryan says:

    I want to start off by saying a) that I am not at all an Apple Fanboi; I’m a PC-guy till the day I die…and b) that I DEEPLY wanted this phone. DEEPLY. With all that is within me. It’s so sexy, so awesome, so capable! I was willing to trade in my iPhone 3GS, the only Apple device I’ve ever owned – and the single greatest piece of technology that I’ve ever owned for that matter – for the HTC Evo. I am also still in contract with AT&T and so I would have terminated early and paid the fine just to switch to Sprint so I could have this phone. I absolutely love my iPhone – it’s familiar to me, easy to operate, and fun. But I hate AT&T. I want to see Flash display in the Safari browser. I want to be able to customize my iPhone background. Push notification constantly fails. Dropped calls. I despise the bottleneck of Apple & iTunes. I hate the lack of compatibility it has sometimes with my PC.

    But after reading all of the reviews, I am sorry to say that I will not be getting this beautifully gorgeous phone. And here’s why: Horrible battery life. MicroSD card failures. Can’t talk and surf at the same time on Sprint (only on 4G, not on 3G). Gotta pay an extra $10 for something that I might not even use because it will kill the battery and might be spotty connectivity at best. Can’t install apps to the MicroSD card. A camera lens that the phone actually sits on, resulting potentially in a scratched-up lens.

    I’m super bummed. I mean, it’s only a phone, right? But still: Why didn’t both HTC and Apple really think of these things? Why not put absolutely everything in the phone that people will need, and MAKE IT RIGHT, so there are no regrets on any side? Sprint: Why make a 4G network and then charge a surplus on it? What’s with not providing protection for the camera lens so that I can actually ditch an extra device and use the camera on this phone? Apple: lose the ego and incorporate Flash. AT&T: Fix your network so calls don’t drop.

    As a followup, I certainly will not be upgrading my iPhone 3GS now that I see that the iPhone 4G screen is smaller…what a stupid move by Apple. When will people get it right???

  9. technophobot says:

    I used to have an iphone 3GS, now I have the htc evo. Let me tell you the evo blows away the iphone. It is without doubt, the nicest and most powerful smartphone out right now.

    Most of the reviews have been great. In fact, user reviews gave it 4.9/5 on the sprint website. Better than any phone out there right now.

    As far as issues that the were pointed out as being flaws (keep in mind that the poster (Ryan) doesn’t even own the phone but is judging it based on what other reviewers had said)
    1. Battery life: More than adequate. 1500mah (more battery power than most smartphones out there) Most users will have the phone easily last all day. The power users that are running wi-fi, bluetooth, web browsing, video and heavy data use will obviously need to charge more often but don’t blame the poor battery for your heavy use.
    2. MicroSD card failure? Sprint/HTC have an update already. My SDcard works completely fine.
    3. Can’t talk and surf the web at the same time with 3g (you can with 4g). So what? Most of us don’t really do that anyway.
    4. Gotta pay the extra $10. Even with the extra $10, it is still about $40 cheaper than the comparable AT&T and Verizon plan, and includes unlimited data (unlike AT&T and Verizon’s soon to be tiered data plan.
    5. Can’t install apps on MicroSD card. Android 2.2 (Froyo) fixes this problem. It won’t be long before HTC releases their version of 2.2 to update the Evo from 2.1.
    6. Scratching the camera lens is very difficult to do. The actual glass of the lens is protected by a metal bezel that rises a few mm above the lens. Can you scratch it? I am sure its possible. But, no easier to scratch this than any other phone. Also, if you are going to be nervous about it, get a case.

    All in all, this phone is amazing. I think that 95% of people will be happy with this phone.
    My only complaint is that this phone is too wide. At first, I thought it would be too bulky for but now the beautiful screen makes it worthwhile. The only phone that comes close is the droid incredible

  10. Unxpekted says:

    My friend just sold his HTC Evo, terrible battery life. Thats just too simple of a concept for technology to have fail.

  11. max says:

    Actually Evo has a great battery life if you know how to adjust the system settings, plus with replaceable battery, it has an “unlimited” battery life essentially, unlike iPhones. 🙂 You friend obviously didn’t play with it enough, too bad for that as Evo 4G is sold out already throughout the U.S.

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